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Chapter one~

Without a single warning said flea forced his way in and threw his bag on the conveniently placed couch , stretching in a lazy gestures as doing so.

- You've got to be kidding me ! Shizuo caught hold of Izaya by the collar , lifting him up a bit.

- Now now Shizu-chan , you wouldn't want to get fired on the very first day , would you?  The black haired man starred at him the usual devious grin on his face.

The taller man let go of Izaya  , grumbling something as he did so.

- I really need the pay , once the deal is over , you'd better run for your life.

The smaller man shrugged ''Same old same''. He then took a look at the small table raising an eyebrow at the sight of the huge amounts of cigarettes in the ashtray , the smell was still fresh and the whole apartment reeked of tobacco . Even though the informant was used to the smell of it , right now it was just … bugging him. He opened a window and went back to the small table , starring disgusted at the ashtray.

- So what was the point in making this all up , is it just for the fun trying some mental torture on me? Asked the blonde haired man his brows furrowed looking extremely annoyed.

Izaya turned around almost prancing in his casual mocking manner.

-Well , I didn't set it up if that's what you're asking.Besides there's no way I'd hire someone i hate for fun , I just wanted to experiment a little something.

Cutting the conversation short he lifted the ashtray and slowly walked over to the open window , leaving the ashtray hanging on the frame , halfway from falling down the building.

Shizuo almost ran to the window to retrieve his ashtray but eventually , came too late. Izaya had pushed the ashtray just a little bit making it fall off the window with a loud ''Oops '' .
Said man was soon thrown to the ground by the other , big hands wrapped around his throat , trying to choke him. Though the pressure stopped as he swiftly took out his flick blade placing it next to the other's jugular.

- Ooh? And to say I was doing you a favor in getting rid of that disgusting object. Now now  Shizu-chan , I'll cut you sooner than you'll have the time to choke me.

- Not if I break your neck first , Flea. You won't have the time to do more than a small scratch.
Izaya  threw his flick blade somewhere in the room.

- Very well , I wasn't planning to hurt you unless necessary , will you take your fat paws off me now?

Shizuo shook his head.

- Oh no , I bet you still have tons of them hidden on you. If I have to take care of you than I can't let you manipulate those kind of dangerous objects now can I?

Izaya let out  a loud snicker.
- What are you going to do? Body search me for more?

At the informant's surprise the annoyed blonde gave a small nod and with his right hand left  the black haired man's throat to roughly  search through the obvious pockets , failing at finding any.

The smaller man snickered again, '' You'll never find any , you're not even close. What kind of clever man hides weapon inside his pockets?''. Shizuo' s brow twitched , '' You still admitted keeping more than one''. That being said  the blonde started a more detailed inspection, slipping his hand under the signature fluffy jacket Izaya always wore , surprised not to feel the bones through the thin fabric of the man's shirt , guess the informant was thin , not anorexic.

He eventually found one well hidden in a secret pocket of the jacket  and placed it out of the black haired man's reach. Going back to his task he made sure he had inspected all the area covered by the jacket he went deeper into his research slipping his hand under the shirt , feeling the warm heat of Izaya's flesh . If one of his hand had been free at the moment he would've slapped himself for having thought about how nice and smooth the man's skin felt.
As he reached higher accidentally brushing his fingers against one of the informant's nipples  he dared to look up to the said man.

Izaya's gaze burnt , literally , it was challenging him , taunting him. Shizuo moved his hand again going over to the other side , starring at the black haired man as he could feel the shiver he had caused , enjoying  the faint  change in the man's feature as he did so. Finding another blade fixed on the man's lower back  he threw it along with the other one. It could've gone on forever if only Izaya had kept quiet.
But the informant's eye glowed with something different by now , Shizuo  tensed as he saw the usual mocking grin forming on the man's lips .

- What an odd time to get a boner , Shizu-chan

The blonde rose his eyebrow in surprise then gave a quick look at the bulge growing in his pants  bewildered .

- What the…  Unable to finish his sentence Shizuo just blankly starred at himself in disbelief.

- I never the knew the idea of being able to body search me was one of your fetish..

The grip against Izaya's throat tightened slightly , true indeed he didn't knew either HOW the hell it was even possible for him to feel aroused by that. Maybe it was the fact he had Izaya at his mercy yet unable to get rid of him , maybe he liked the idea of the informant  being helpless under his hold.

-Sh-shut up !

Izaya's grin grew wider as he lifted one of his hand up to the bulge rubbing it a little against the pants fabric. Quickly stopped by Shizuo's free hand.
The blonde reached for both the infromant's hands and placed them above his head , holding them firmly on the floor .
One thing leading to another said floor was soon covered by randomly scattered clothes , the room was filled with weak protests , grunts and moans.
The wind suddenly blew stronger through the open window sending shivers on both men's spines , though they were not that bothered by anything anymore , giving into the madness of the moment ,overcome by overwhelming  frustrations and lust.

Next thing he knew Shizuo was  starring at the panting sight of his arch enemy looking half conscious. As if nothing never happened he walked over to his bed leaving Izaya on the cold floor alone and threw himself in falling asleep as if he hadn't been able to sleep in years.
Prologue :[link]

Bleh I finally got around to finish chapter one , the hardest , most boring part is over !

next part [link]
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